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--Gym Lockers Solutions 

How to design the wood gym lockers for your fitness or studio?

Your might get to know more about it by this article:how to design the gym lockers for fitness.

or have some ideas first by the Real Case of Dailot Gym Lockers,please click: Dailot Lockers


If you already have the gym lockers drawings and designs ,

you can request quotes directly by           , most quotes will be proceed  within 1-2 working days.

1.Gym Lockers Dimension Solutions

Here below shows some options for the gym lockers dimension,

but the size and outlook design can be customized upon the construction site or project budget.

Dailot Gym Lockers_edited.jpg

Big Size Lockers

  • Two Layers per Column

  • Height is around 800~1000mm

  • Hanger for coat

  • Shoes Shelf

Dailot Gym Lockers12.jpg

Mid Size Lockers

  • Three Layers per Column

  • Height: around 600~700mm

  • Alternative option: with Shoes Shelf or Hanger inside

Gym lockers Dimension.jpg

Small Size Lockers

  • Four(or five) Layers per Column

  • Height around 400~550mm

  • Simple Design Inside,just for small personal things enough

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