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Wooden Lockers for staff in factory or group company,that means normally used for people to keep their belongings before they go to work, like the selfphone,wallet,clothes,shoes,etc.

And in this bespoke wooden staff lockers,we have separated two indipendent space for clothes/shoes and selfphone,so that their staff can keep their things in clean and easy to use.

Beside,this color is popular walnut wood grain color,in the white color room looks more brightness.

Regards to the staff lockers size,after detailed communication with factory puchasing department & HR,we know that their staff who will use these lockers, most are girls and women that are not too height, so all wood lockers we made are not higher than 1.6 meters.

One more details shouldn't miss is that, the skirting board for this wood lockers,we make it more higher than other regular lockers,it's 300mm height,because of two reasons below: 

1. the floor in this room will be wet easily.

2. as the each lockers is small,higher skirting board means the bottom row  lockers will be higher,that's easy for staff to use the lockers.


Item: Wooden staff lockers

Brand: Dailot Furniture

Design: Fashion design

Spa Lockers Single Door Size: customized.

Whole Set Size: can be customized uppon constrution site.

Accessories: Branded Hinges with soft closing, Handle.

Wood Lockers Application: Factory,Group Company,Fitness Center,Gulf Club,Gym & Spa Changing Room,High End Fitness Club, and ther Studios,etc



How to use the Gym Lockers Lock with Password?

You can learn it from this video in Youtube: how to use the gym lockers lock.


FAQ for Gym Lockers Lock

Q: Are you manufacturer or trading company?
A: We are a manufacturer of gym lockers and wood lockers,and the trading company for the digital lock with more than 20 suppliers in our Supplier System,we can provide the Wide Range Lockers Lock / Cabinet Lock for your reference.

Q: What is the lead time?
A: For sample lock, the lead time is about 3~7 working days.
    For standard order, our lead time is 10-30 working days.

Q: Is customized available?
A: Yes. The locks can be customized and we could make your logo on the Keypad.

Q: What kind of transportation will you choose to dilivery the lockers lock?
A: We support various transportation like express, by air or by sea.

Any other questions? Please feel free to contact us !


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Wooden Staff Lockers for Factory Group Company

  • Dailot wooden staff lockers colors can be customized, contact for more options.

  • As furniture is big size and heavier products,the sea shipping is the major priority solution.

    If there are many products needed to ship together, we can ship by FCL,full container loading.

    If there is few products, ship by LCL.

    Please check more details with our consultors when you inquiry:)

Buy Gym Lockers Wood Lockers Factory Direct

from Dailot Furniture

Your quotes will be proceed within 1-2 working days

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